Please read carefully our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy

It will help you to avoid misunderstanding.

We have very simple and short terms:

- You must have reliable accounts to receive funds. That means your accounts should be not fresh registered or with bad reputation. They are also should have some trading history.

- You must put correct receiving contact details other ways we do not responsible for any losts.

- For security reasons we can split payments. We split it with random amounts to avoid any risks.

- You should know that cryptocurrency exchange is prohibited by most popular payment systems. That’s why we’ve created our own security department and difficult mechanism of payment to provide anonymous transactions so nobody can link you with currency exchange.

- You should know that PayPal can hold your money for 24 hours or 21 days. That’s totally on their side. We do not take responsibility for that. It might happened because of your pure trading history or if you just created your PayPal account. And we do not take any responsibility for these holds.

- We guarantee you that we will start sending your funds after 3rd confirmation from blockchain but it might take some time. Usually we close all request in 1 hour but depends on exchange amount and quantity of clients it might take up to 14 hours.

- You can’t refund payments that we made before contacting our sales department.

- If you send not enough bitcoins by your exchange request this request will not be proceeded. You will need to send the rest to complete transaction.

- We collect your emails to provide you information about transactions you’ve made. We do not share them with any third parties. Never.

- We can change our Terms of Services any time without any notifications. Please check it before every transaction.